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Give 1000 More Second Chances

LABMED is thrilled to announce the funding of our 1000th dog! And lucky number 1000 is . . . Rylee! Rylee is a handsome one-year-old male chocolate Lab in found as a stray in Ohio suffering from heartworm disease. LABMED provided the funding for his treatment and he is now on the road to recovery. We will be featuring Rylee's success story on our website soon with special recognition for being our 1000th funding recipient.

With your help, we have given 1000 Labs a second chance and now we ask you to help us give that second chance to 1000 more. We are announcing our "Give 1000 More Second Chances" donation drive and as part of this drive we ask you to consider donating either:

1000 dollars
1000 half-dollars ($500)
1000 quarters ($250)
1000 dimes ($100)
1000 nickels ($50)
1000 pennies ($10)

As tokens of our appreciation for your generosity, we are offering the following premiums:

$501-$1000 (or more) - Euro Oval + choice of LABMED Golf Umbrella or LABMED Cookbook
$251-$500 - Euro Oval + Labrador Tales II
$101 -$250 - Euro Oval + LABMED Clip Watch
$51-$100 - Euro Oval + LABMED Mouse Pad
$11-$50 - Euro Oval + choice of our new LABMED Italian Charm or LABMED Tennis Ball
$10 -- Our new Euro Oval LABMED Sticker

Everyone has the chance to donate 1000, so visit our special Give 1000 More Second Chances Donation Page, or mail your donation to LABMED, Inc, 3941 Legacy Drive, Suite 104, A1115, Plano, TX 75023. If donating via "snail mail," please be sure to include your name, mailing address and choice of premium.

1,000 is just the beginning!


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