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Thank you for your interest in LABMED! We are delighted that you are considering the opportunity to join together with us to provide medical assistance to rescued Labradors. We will choose several potential board members from those who express interest at this time. Persons who are not chosen at this time may be considered if other vacancies occur during 2004.

Vacancies are filled according to the current needs of the board. LABMED is a growing organization, and as such, our needs change and grow with us. At this time we especially need applicants with the following abilities and interests:

1. Individuals interested in helping Labrador Retrievers realize a second chance at life. As requests for funds are received, LABMED board members coordinate these applications from start to finish. Good communication skills are a must as you will interface directly with the applicants, veterinarians and their staff, other board members, as well as represent LABMED to the global community.

2. Experienced web people who can assist with the maintenance and growth of our site. We also need help with the web pages for our annual auction (held in November each year). The pages contained on the LABMED site are generated using standard HTML and javascript. Candidates should be able to write and edit html code as well as javascript using a variety of tools including an industry-standard HTML editor as well as standard text editing tools (Notepad, Wordpad, etc.) The LABMED Web site resides on a UNIX (non-Microsoft Windows) server. Candidates who are familiar with basic UNIX tools and applications including Perl, CGI scripting and command level Unix (specifically Linux) functions could provide valuable assistance to our web master. Anyone working on our web site must be able to code changes quickly and meet deadlines as appropriate.

3. People with fund-raising experience and/or knowledge of grant writing. Our Fund Raising committee works on a variety of events and projects each year including our annual auction, quilt raffle and fund-raising drives. Experience in helping to run an on-line auction would be particularly valuable as well as Microsoft Access (database) skills. New fund raising ideas are always welcome! We are in particular need of candidates with expertise in writing grant proposals and searching for grant possibilities.

4. People with Public Relations experience. Our public relations committee is responsible for writing success stories for our web page, planning and writing press releases, communicating with our base of supporters, and producing our on-line newsletter. Our PR committee works closely with the Fund Raising committee to support all of our on-going fund raising efforts.


LABMED is an Internet-based organization and as such we conduct nearly all of our business over the Internet. It is extremely important that board members have up-to-date computer hardware and reliable Internet access including e-mail. Strong communication and writing skills are necessary for all board members since most of our business is conducted in writing via e-mail.

Participation on the Board of Directors involves a major time commitment; it is not unusual for a person to spend a minimum of 5 to 15 hours per week on LABMED business. However, in most cases LABMED work can be scheduled at your convenience. Board members are encouraged to check for email messages daily.

LABMED is an international organization. We welcome and encourage applicants from around the world as long as you have reliable internet/e-mail access and meet our other requirements. Our board members have come from the US, Canada, England and Australia. You must be 21 years of age to serve on the board; owning a Lab or Lab-mix is NOT a requirement.

Candidates chosen to serve on the Board of Directors will serve a three month internship period. Candidates who successfully complete their internship will be invited to join the board.

LABMED was founded in 1996 and has helped over 700 dogs since its inception. We invite you to read Buddy's story to meet the dog who started it all. Further information on LABMED, including its Mission Statement and Funding Guidelines, can be found at

Apply Today!

Should you be interested in joining our team, please send an e-mail message with "Expression of Interest" in the subject line to us at [email protected] (or just complete the following form). Please tell us about yourself and why you are interested in joining this diverse and committed group of people working to provide funds for abandoned injured or ill Labs as well as what skills you can bring to our group. Be sure to include your occupation, hobbies, and interests, as well as information about any organizations with which you are affiliated. We also need to know where you are located (City, State and Country) and how to contact you.

Please respond by September 15th if you feel you have the time and energy to devote as a volunteer with a very active, fast-growing non-profit Internet-based organization. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Tell us about yourself.

Tell us why you are interested in joining LABMED.

Tell us about your occupation, hobbies, interests, and organizations with which you are affiliated.


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