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Anne O'Mahony, LABMED's Aussie Board Member

Baj loves to retrieve.

Baj retreiving a bird

Anne works at the Northern Territory University in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory which is right at the top centre of Australia. Here Anne, her son Jason, and partner Bruce, and her dogs enjoy a life of tropical luxury. The temperature never gets below 25C (even at night) all year round.

Anne is owned and loved by Baj, a 9 year old black Lab dog; Misty a 7 year old yellow Lab bitch, Candy, an 8 year old spotty GSP bitch, Gem a 7 year old solid liver GSP bitch, Wombat a 1 year old brown Chessie bitch; and co-owns Einstein, a 5 year old yellow Lab dog.

Until retiring Baj and Misty, Anne was active in the conformation shows and obedience ring. She continues to work her dogs in field trials (called Non-Slip Retrieving Trials over in Australia) and will often take one or both out when she goes shooting for ducks or magpie geese at a friend's cattle station.

Misty and Baj

Baj is one of those one in a million dogs who is just such a big, loveable clown who hurts nothing and nobody and expects the same in return. He has sired many litters and, in the case of pups Misty had, actually takes over from her once the pups have been weaned. He then teaches the pups to play, letting them crawl all over him, chew him and hang off his tail.


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