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Deb Hamele

Deb and Ali

Deb and Ali

Deb ([email protected]), is the co-founder of LABMED along with Tom Gaffigan of the Washington, DC area. She was Treasurer for the first 5 years of LABMED's existence before being elected President. She is a member of the fund-raising committee and also staffs many booths at specialties and other dog events around the Midwest each year. Deb lives in the Madison, WI area where she is a member of several dog clubs as well as a founding member of Badger Labrador Retriever Club. She has been active in Lab Rescue for about 15 years. She currently owns 6 Labs from the age of puppyhood up to 12 years, as well as rescued Am. Staff Terriesr and Pugs (1 a rescue). Deb breeds Labradors under the kennel name of Dunn's Marsh and trains dogs for tracking, obedience, agility, and hunt tests as well as competes in the breed ring. Her goal in breeding is a sound dog in both body and mind who can compete in the show ring one day then the next day qualify in a performance event.

Deb is married to Kent, a state worker by day and a musician by night who plays bass in a blues band and has a daughter who also enjoys doing things with dogs. She works as an RN at a clinic working for women pediatricians part-time and is on-call for a large Special Care Nursery at an area hospital. Recently she and her husband moved to their dream farm in the country and have added mini donkeys and horses to their family. She also teaches agility at her farm as well as gives private training lessons. Deb enjoys helping those who can't speak for themselves, be it babies, small children or animals.

In her "spare" time, if she isn't training dogs, riding horse, playing with puppies or off at a dog event, she likes to quilt, lay in the sun and read and sleep!

Her dogs' photos can be seen on her personal webpage at .


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