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Dranda Whaley, LABMED Secretary

Buddy Whaley, LABMED's Sad Little Man

Dranda Whaley, LABMED's Secretary, is probably better known to lab-folks as Buddy's mom. She and her husband Clarence share their home with Clay (6 year old chocolate lab who is Clarence's current Seeing Eye Dog), Buddy, of LABMED fame, Barney the Beagle (2 year old rescue dog), and Daisy the beautiful (6 year old rescue mix-breed).

Dranda's days are spent at the Crisis Intervention Center in Nashville, where she has been employed for almost 15 years. Her evenings are spent working on LABMED projects, refereeing Buddy and Clay as they wrestle and tumble their way through the house, and planning the next adventure she, Clarence, and the boys will experience as they spread the word about LABMED at Lab specialties and other events.

Buddy recently earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate much to Dranda's delight. Dranda would also like to do Pet Therapy with Buddy in the near future, though this has taken a backseat to LABMED committments for the moment.

Whaley Dogs
The Whaley Canine Crew: Barney, Clay, Daisy, and Buddy

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