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Judith Ebbert

After rescuing her first Lab and discovering that more than 6,000 of these lovable creatures are in shelters across the United States, Judi decided she had to help make life better for as many of them as possible. That led to more adoptions of unwanted Labs and involvement with LABMED. Judi�s current rescues include Max and April, both of whom were abandoned by people who didn�t want them anymore. Fortunately for Judi and her husband, Max and April brighten their lives as well as that of their kitten, Lily, who imprinted on the two Labs and thinks she�s a retriever.

Judi�s professional commitment is cancer control research, and she volunteers as a member of the boards of �LABMED and the Colon Cancer Alliance. Her recent transition from (colon cancer) widowhood to remarriage required her to relocate from Pennsylvania to Florida, where she enjoys her husband�s water-based lifestyle. On weekends, you will likely find Judi and her husband boating, fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

Judi, who currently provides orthopedic nursing care in a Florida hospital, has applied to the University of South Florida�s PhD programs in Public Health and Nursing. Her goal is to help advance the science of cancer control and to reduce the burden of suffering associated with cancer. And as long as there are Labs without love, she will continue to volunteer whatever time she can spare to help with Lab rescue, recovery, and restored quality of life.





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