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The Story Behind The New Logo


Wondering why we changed our logo? In early June, 2000, LABMED was contacted by the American Red Cross. Much to our surprise our logo had come to their attention and was determined to be in violation of a Federal Statute that prohibits the use of any variation of a Greek red cross by any other organization.

On June 6, 1900, the bill to charter the American National Red Cross was signed into law. Section 4, which ultimately was codified as 18 U.S.C. §706, protected the Greek red cross symbol by making it a misdemeanor for any person or association to use the Red Cross name or emblem without the organization's permission.

Because of the Red Cross' unique role in disaster situations, it is imperative that in any emergency situation, their red cross logo be instantly recognized as a place to go for help. The Greek red cross represents much more than a particular organization. It indicates to members of a devastated community that help has arrived. It provides hope in times of disaster, and, most important, it protects lives in times of war and armed conflict.

While we liked our former logo very much and were a bit taken aback when we got the notice from ARC, once we thought about it we realized that our logo, particularly as it appears without the dog, would not necessarily be identified as animal related and might be construed as a medical organization.


So the Board got to work. We pondered many, many changes, including a simple color change. At some point in our discussion, one of our Board Members came up with the wonderful idea of incorporating Buddy's paw print into the logo. This idea immediately caught on. We looked over many variations in sizes and placements of the pawprint, and finally decided on our new design.


We hope you will agree that our new logo incorporates the good parts (the lovely Lab carrying the medical bag) and makes it very clear that LABMED is an animal related medical issues group.

untitled LABMED Paw
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