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Lori Lewis

Lori and her husband Mike reside in the sleepy little one stoplight town of Keystone Heights, FL with their two Black Labs, Drucilla and Piper, and a token cat who thinks she is a lab . . . Allie. Lori works as the Financial Administrator for the Clay County Humane Society, and also trains in obedience and agility in her spare time. Husband Mike currently brings home the bacon as an outside Sales Rep. for a Jacksonville, FL Truck parts distributor, but is in the Fire Academy to become one of Florida's Firefighters.

Her Black Lab Drew (short for Drucilla) is 4 years old. She competed in Agility until October of last year when she was retired due to elbow dysplasia. She is currently training in Obedience. Drew is also registered with Therapy Dogs Inc. and does Animal Assisted Therapy at nine area nursing homes through the Humane Society. Drew was rescued after being sent to the vet's office to be put to sleep because she was heartworm positive. I guess it's true, "One man's trash really IS another man's treasure"...because that's exactly what she is...a treasure.


The baby of the family, Piper is now 2 1/2 years old. Piper is currently competing in Agility and Obedience...and if she *ever* calms down she'll give Pet Therapy a try as well! For the time being, she's having a ball playing. When she's not busy training the dogs, or helping teach agility and obedience classes, Lori's hobbies include desktop publishing, crafts and shopping!

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