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Pat Kolb

Rhino, enjoying a quiet moment

Pat, her husband Glen and their 5 year old son Adam live in a small town in southern New Mexico. Pat, originally from Germany, has lived in New Mexico - where the weather is always hot and dry - for 18 years now. Since they own a semi-truck, Glen is on the road most of the time. Pat drove for many years but stopped when Adam was a year old. Since she is home full time, they have added a few more dogs. All 4 dogs are rescues, three are black Lab mixes - Bear is 8 and came from the pound as a puppy, Dog now 3(?) was seen along a little traveled road out in the desert. Mulder (2?) came from the Roswell Humane Society. Then there is Rhino,CGC - now 5 years old - pure bred doofus Labrabrat extraordinaire, adopted from the pound at age two. Occasionally there are fosters from the Animal Rescue League in El Paso, TX and the resident dogs always enjoy the company.

Other than Labs, Pat's interests are reading - everything from profound to fluffy, needle crafts, gardening - mainly for the dogs' and Adam's enjoyment, she plants, they pull up and eat - and taking Adam to the local museums and for day trips to local attractions.


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