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Phylis Sabel

Phylis and her husband Lenny live in New Orleans, Louisiana with their three yellow Labs, Zoe. Dudley, and Deezel, one chocolate Lab, Sammie, and their Rottweiller, Zena. Phylis and Lenny also are parents to several reptiles, and an African Grey Parrot, Obie who helps call all the fur children in the morning to go outside. The oldest member of the family is a tabby cat named Stripes who is 15 years old. He loves when the Labs are at rest so he can curl up with them and have a nap.

When Phylis� shadow, Reba, a 5 year old Rottweiller, went to Rainbow Bridge in the early part of 2002, Lenny knew Phylis would miss such a loyal companion and the hunt was on for a new best friend. Phylis and Lenny found 3 wonderful Labs and they have become the very spoiled. Not that she would have it any other way. Recently, they have adopted Sammie, who is very demanding for all the attention she can get. Sammie has been a wonderful addition to the Lab group. All of their fur children love to help prepare meals since they are the �clean up crew� for anything that hits the floor.

Phylis loves spending time with her family and the Lab Gang when she is not at work. She also likes sewing, cooking, gardening, and walks with the pups. Phylis loves volunteering for LABMED. She realizes she can not adopt all Labs but feels this is the perfect way to help as many rescued Labs as possible in hopes of finding a second chance.

Favorite Quote:
"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

Phylis' favorite sites include:

Any dog related site
Any Labrador related site







Deezel and Zoe Snuggling


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