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Submit pictures to:

LABMED uses pictures for documentation purposes and may use them in fundraising activities. They are also used to help the Board determine whether or not a Lab mix meets our requirements. Because of the difficulties in making a determination on Lab Mixes, LABMED requires at least two pictures in order to consider funding for mixes. These pictures should include a clear frontal head shot and a full side body shot (including tail). There should be something in the picture (a person, for instance) that gives us a frame of reference on the size of the dog. Additional pictures may be required at LABMED's discretion. A good picture may mean the difference between getting an application approved or denied and a good picture will speed up the process. We cannot approve any dog for funding without pictures.

We realize it is not always possible to get a clear picture; not all dogs cooperate. We have put together a few pictures here to show the poses that are helpful.


Front View - standing


- or sitting


Side View - posing the dog helps sometimes.


Try to include the tail - a distinctive characteristic.


Close Up


If the dog is unable to stand, try to get a side view lying down if possible.


It is very hard to see the dog through chain link -


- or a crate at the vet clinic. If at all possible, ask the shelter or the clinic to open the door.

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