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LABMED 2000 Annual Report

A 501(c)(3) organization
73 White Bridge Road, Suite 103 - 166
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
fax (615)313-9242
[email protected]
Virtual Headquarters:

I. Mission Statement
II. Funding Activities
III. Goals and Objectives
IV. Financial Statement
V. Directors, Officers, and Advisory Boards

I. Mission Statement and Introduction

LABMED, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to provide emergency monies to offset expenses incurred in the veterinary medical treatment of ill or injured Labrador Retrievers in a rescue situation. LABMED is a potential resource where funding medical treatment for an abandoned or rescued dog is unavailable or inadequate, owing to but not limited to: insufficient funds available through a local Labrador Retriever or general rescue organization for treatment of dogs, lack of a local Labrador Retriever or general rescue organization, or exhaustion of all other avenues of funding.

What is LABMED?

LABMED is an Internet based organization with international representation. By using the communication powers of the Internet, LABMED is able to intercede rapidly on the behalf of deserving Labrador Retrievers worldwide. The ultimate goal of LABMED is to help raise the quality of life and adoptability of rescued animals who are expected to regain good health and who display the positive temperament which so typifies the Labrador as a breed. LABMED provides these dogs with the opportunity to lead happy, healthy lives in stable loving homes. In addition, through its efforts and the example it sets, LABMED aims to stimulate a dialogue that will educate the general public about rescue animals and rescue organizations. LABMED is an organization that is meeting its challenges head on with professionalism and enthusiasm.

II. Funding Activities

2000 was another year of incredible growth for LABMED. During 2000, LABMED received 145 applications for assistance, of which 97 met our guidelines and received funding. Expenditures for these dogs totalled over $45,000 -- a 50% increase from 1999.

Not all LABMED applications are approved. LABMED is careful to screen and double check each application making sure that guidelines are met. Furthermore, LABMED's Veterinary Advisory Board is consulted where there are questions about procedures and expected outcomes.

III. Goals and Objective

Objective 1: Raise Public Awareness

  • Newsletter - Each issue of LABMED's new Internet newsletter reaches over 1200 subscribers.
  • Club Outreach - LABMED had information/sales booths at 14 specialty shows and other events across the country.
  • Outreach to other breeds-- LABMED provided information to Great Pyrennes breeders who were interested in creating Pyramedic Trust.
  • LABMED continues to add to the medical links on our information page. In addition, Board Members respond to many email request from Lab owners, answering questions about general and specific health issues as well as giving advice about behaviour and training or referring the Lab owner to local resources.

Objective 2: Increase Revenues

In 2000 LABMED was able to meet the increased demand for funds by continued development of funding sources. The following projects were part of that success.

  • Annual Donation Drive
  • Increased affiliate program on web site
  • Increased merchandise offerings
  • Annual auction

Objective 3: Board and Staff Development

Board and volunteer development efforts continued with the recruitment of new Board members. Four new Board members were added, and volunteers were recruited for a variety of tasks.

IV. Financial Statement




Unaudited Financial Statement


Year End December 31, 2000

  Account Balance 1/1/00


  Inventory and Equipment


Fund Balance  




  Auction and Quilt Raffle




  Interest Income


  Other Revenue


Total Revenue  






  PO Box Rent, Booth Fees




Total Expenses  


  Account Balance 12/31/00


  Inventory and Equipment


Fund Balance  



LABMED's policy has been to ensure that direct donations are spent on funding dogs rather than on administrative costs. For the first time, in 1999, 100% of the Direct Donations Fund, including carryover from the previous year, was applied to dog funding. LABMED's Fundraising Committee's efforts funded administrative costs and also supplemented over $9000 in aide payments. 

1996 Donation Income - $1,119
1996 Aid Expenditures - $150

Balance carried over to 1997 - $969

1997 Donation Income - $4,460
1997 Aid Expenditures - $2,869

Balance Carried over to 1998 - $2,560

1998 Donation Income - $12,149
1998 Aid Expenditures - $8,408

Balance carried over to 1999 - $6,301

1999 Donation Income - $15,626
1999 Aid Expenditures - $31,009

2000 Donation Income - $20,816
2000 Aid Expenditures - $45,711

V. Directors, Officers, and Advisory Boards

2000 LABMED Board of Directors

Beth Bodenstein - Florida
Heather Bowden - Texas
Audrey Bowman - California
Edith Bryan - Washington
Margie Dykstra - Oregon
Sue Erickson - Colorado
Jim Groenke - California
Deborah Hamele - Wisconsin
Pat Kolb - New Mexico
Lori Lewis - Florida
Anne O'Mahony - Darwin, Australia
Karen Reardon - Connecticut
Saralyn Sharp - Indiana
Karlene Turkington - Minnesota
L. Dianne Walsh - Pennsylvania
Eric Watanabe - California
Dranda Whaley - Tennessee

LABMED'S 2000 Officers

Jim Groenke, President
Dranda Whaley, Secretary
Deborah Hamele, Treasurer

LABMED's Veterinary Advisory Board

This group assists LABMED by answering technical veterinary questions about a dog's condition, treatment and prognosis. Currently the following individuals serve on this panel:

Adrienne Hudson-Willett, DVM
Kathy Marr
Elizabeth Pannill, DVM

Some of Our Successes

LABMED'S successes in 2000 have allowed 97 very special Labradors to move from a painful existence and certain death to the happiness that every dog deserves.

Buddy Today




It took three days to find him after he was hit by a car, but he's OK now.


Del (California)

LABMED's 150th Dog Funded! Del had a dislocated hip.


Sally (Michigan)

Amputation because an old injury was left untreated.


Ebony (Georgia)

A heartworm positive stray now has a new home.


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