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7th Annual Bullet's Benefit Bash!

Seventh Annual Bullet's Benefit Bash On-Line Auction

Thank you for participating in our annual on-line auction. All you have to do is read the rules (below) and click on the link at the bottom when you've finished. You'll be taken directly to our auction page where you can pre-register; bidding will begin November 1, 2002. Be sure to bookmark the login page so you can go directly there when you are ready to bid. We are still adding a few items and making some changes and corrections but we plan to have everything finalized by Thursday, October 31, 2002.

2002 Bullet's Benefit Bash Rules

Auction Rules and Regulations:

  1. LABMED, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any final bid for less than 75% of the item's published value. Bids may be made in any whole dollar amount.

  2. LABMED, Inc. is not liable for lost, damaged, incomplete, illegible or misdirected electronic mail bids.

  3. Please note: in some states a bid is considered a binding contract and during this auction it will be considered as such. If you are unable to fulfill your contract on any one item, then LABMED, Inc. will consider all of your bids (contracts) null and void and the item(s) will go to the next highest bidder.

  4. Bidding is open to any persons 18 years of age or older.

  5. Winners may be requested to grant permission for the use of their name, signature, photograph and likeness in advertising and promotional materials.

  6. All taxes and shipping and handling charges as well as shipping insurance are the responsibility of the winners. Some auction item descriptions include a "heavy item" shipping notation.

  7. Shipping insurance is mandatory for fragile and expensive items.

  8. The high bidder for each item will be notified by electronic mail after the conclusion of the auction. The auction will begin to close at 7:00 PM Pacific time on Saturday, November 9, 2002. In response to this notice, we must receive a confirmation of your bid and verification of your snail mail address within 48 hours. If confirmation (complete with ground mail address) is not received, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder. Please note: Each high bid confirmation is sent individually; therefore, if you are the high bidder for more than one item, you will receive one confirmation for *each* item. Please reply to each bid confirmation separately. We will combine multiple item high bids and send an e-mail shortly thereafter to each high bidder with shipping costs and payment information.

  9. The Auction Coordinators of LABMED, Inc. must receive payment within 10 days from the date you have been notified that yours was the winning bid. LABMED will accept Credit Card (Visa / MasterCard only) and PayPal payments as well as personal checks and money orders!

  10. Please note: all times related to the Auction are in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

  11. LABMED, Inc. is not liable for the completion of any custom-made items. If the donor of such an item fails to produce the item, LABMED, Inc. will refund the amount paid. Certificates will be sent to the high bidder to present to the donor of custom-made items.

  12. LABMED, Inc. will not ship an item that is known to be damaged or defective, however, we cannot guarantee the condition of an item upon its receipt by the winning bidder. LABMED, Inc. will make every reasonable effort to protect the item when packing it.

  13. Some of the items donated to our auction are treats or toys for your dogs. Please remember that not all treats and toys that are designed for dogs are safe for *all* dogs. Some dogs are very aggressive chewers, and can easily break off and swallow parts of treats and toys that are too large to be safely digested. Always supervise your dog while he or she is chewing on a tasty treat or playing with a fun toy. You know your dog best! Please be careful to ensure his or her safety. LABMED cannot be responsible for illness or injury that might occur if used improperly or without supervision.

  14. LABMED, Inc. will not accept returned items and cannot issue refunds.

  15. Individual item weights have been included in each item description; every item in our auction weighs at least 1 ounce.  LABMED, Inc. does not seek to make a profit on shipping charges and we will make every attempt to ship as affordably as possible. LABMED Inc. will also combine items if possible, however, some items may ship from separate locations. Our preferred shipping courier is the United States Postal Service. 

For brief instructions on how to register and bid, click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact our 2002 Auction Coordinators.

We hope we can count on you to help us make this year's auction bigger and better than ever. On behalf of all the Labs out there who need us, we thank you in advance for your support of this year's Bash. Have fun!

To revisit the previews of the items that were shown on the main auction webpage, please use the links below! (These pages have many pictures and many take a few minutes to load - it is worth the wait!)

Books, Magazines and Subscriptions
Buddy's Bargains
Calendars and Stationery
Collectibles and Classics
Custom-made Items
Doggie Wearables
Gift Baskets
Hand-crafted Items
Holiday Decorating
House and Home
Treats, Toys and Other Dog Necessities


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