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Book Opportunity

Donate to LABMED and Launch Your Dog's Literary Career!

moneybirdYou can support LABMED and get your dog a cameo role in The Money Bird , the second volume in long-time Lab enthusiast and author Sheila Webster Boneham's "Animals in Focus" mystery series, featuring animal photographer Janet McPhail and her pets.

Make a $20 donation to LABMED through this special promotion page by May 31st and you will be automatically entered in a drawing to be held June 1. Enter as many times as you like. If you win, you provide your dog's call name and description to the author no later than June 10 and she will write the dog into a scene in the third book in the series, tentatively titled The Money Bird. For full contest rules click HERE.

To get a taste of what your dog will be getting into, check out Drop Dead on Recall, the first volume of the "Animals In Focus" series! (To be released in October.) Pre-Order via Amazon!

All proceeds go directly to LABMED. LABMED, Inc. has been in action since 1997 and is dedicated to providing small grants for healthcare expenses for Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes in shelters or rescues.

Drop Dead on Recall ISBN 978-0738733067

Coming October 2012 - available now for pre-order from

When a top-ranked competitor keels over at a dog obedience trial, photographer Janet MacPhail is swept up in a maelstrom of suspicion, jealousy, cut-throat competition, death threats, pet-napping, and murder. She becomes a "person of interest" to the police, and apparently to major hunk Tom Saunders as well. As if murder and the threat of impending romance aren't enough to drive her bonkers, Janet has to move her mother into a nursing home, and the old lady isn't going quietly. Janet finds solace in her Australian Shepherd, Jay, her tabby cat, Leo, and her eccentric neighbor, Goldie Sunshine. Then two other "persons of interest" die, Jay's life is threatened, Leo disappears, and Janet's search for the truth threatens to leave her own life underdeveloped - for good.

The Money Bird (working title)

Coming Fall 2013!

A wet satchel with a torn hundred-dollar bill and a long red feather in the bottom - animal photographer Janet MacPhail knows they mean trouble when Labrador Retriever Drake retrieves them during a field training photo shoot. When an illegal shipment of endangered tropical birds is intercepted by police, Janet is sure there's a connection and decides to look into it between dog-training classes, photo assignments, and visits to her mom at Shadetree Retirement. Despite everyone's cautions, Janet sets out with her Australian Shepherd, Jay, to find out what's going on and how it's all linked to a mysterious retreat center near the island. She discovers that crows aren't the only birds linked to murder.

Contest Rules

  1. This contest is governed by the LABMED board of directors. All decisions by the board in regard to this contest are final.
  2. Contestants must make a $20 donation to LABMED to enter this contest.
  3. Multiple entries per person are allowed.
  4. Contestants may enter on behalf of someone else's dog, BUT the author must receive written permission from the dog's owner before giving the dog the cameo in the book.
  5. The contest closes at 11:59pm on May 31, 2012. Donations received after that time are appreciated but will not be entered in the contest.
  6. All donors will receive an email from LABMED acknowledging their gift which will be suitable for tax record purposes.
  7. LABMED is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations may be deductible from US income tax. Check with your tax professional.
  8. A drawing will be held on June 1 to select the winner, a 1st runner up and a 2nd runner up.
  9. Winners and author Boneham will be notified via e-mail on June 1, 2012.
  10. Winner must provide the following to Boneham NO LATER THAN June 10, 20112:

    • Dog's call name
    • Dog's registered name with titles if you would like that included (to be used only if it works in the text)
    • Owner's name
    • Owner's email address
    • Owner's mailing address
    • Owner's phone #
    • Dog's color, and markings if applicable (Photos would be helpful - no more than 3, please! Email to sheilab[email protected] or email to request author's mailing address.
    • Tell the author something distinctive about your dog - not to exceed 200 words. (Favorite toy or treat, funny or thrilling behavior, special achievement)
    • The book features retriever training. The dog does NOT have to appear in any of the water scenes in the book, but let the author know if your dog likes to swim and/or retrieve in water.
    • Do you want the dog's owner to be mentioned in the book? If so, under what name? If you are not the dog's owner, you must provide the author with written permission from the owner before the dog can appear in the book.
    • Dog owner must provide a signed release on a form to be provided by the author and mailed to the author at address she will provide.
  11. A first and second runner-up will be drawn on June 1, 2012. Those names will be held by LABMED. If the initial winner fails to provide the release and/or information required as per item #9, above, the prize will be transferred to the first runner-up, who must then provide this information within 10 days of e-mail notification. Should the 1st runner up fail to provide the information, LABMED will contact the 2nd runner up, who must provide the information within 10 days of e-mail notification.

More about the Author, Sheila Boneham

Award-winning author Sheila Webster Boneham writes fiction and nonfiction, much of it focused on animals, nature, and travel. Rescue Matters: How to Find, Foster, and Rehome Companion Animals: A Guide for Volunteers and Organizers has received high praise as a "must read" for anyone involved with companion animals. Drop Dead on Recall, the first novel in Sheila's new mystery series, features animal photographer Janet MacPhail, her cat Leo, and her Australian Shepherd Jay (who is remarkably like the author's Aussie, Jay!).

Six of Sheila's non-fiction books have been named best in their categories in the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and the Cat Writers Association (CWA) annual competitions, and two of her other books and a short story have been finalists. Her short story "Tracks," which features Janet and Jay at the Indianapolis 500 museum, appeared in Racing Can Be Murder and was a finalist in the 2008 DWAA writing competition.

Animals have always been part of Sheila's life. In her teens and twenties she showed horses, and for the past two decades she has been active showing her Australian Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers in various canine sports. She has also bred pups who achieved success in conformation, obedience, rally, stockdog/herding, agility, tracking, flyball, therapy, and, above all, as companions. Many of Sheila's own dogs have competed with her in multiple venues, and have been certified therapy dogs, working in hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, schools, libraries, and nursing homes.

Sheila has also been involved with rescue for many years, and is the author of some twenty books of non-fiction about dogs, cats, and animal rescue, including Training Your Dog for Life and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Cat.

Sheila holds a doctorate in folklore from Indiana University. For some 15 years, she taught writing, folklore, and literature in the U.S. and the Middle East. She occasionally teaches writing workshops and classes, and is interested in speaking to groups about books, writing, or animal. You can connect with Sheila through her website at or on Facebook at
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