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Applications for assistance come to LABMED regularly. �We have received as many as 10 requests for assistance in a week, some requiring an urgent response. Here are some of the typical veterinary charges in LABMED funding requests:

Heartworm treatment: price range $269 - $1000
Broken Leg: average cost $228
Amputation of a leg: $200 - $1000
Isoflurane anesthetic: $80 - $150 depending on the size of the dog
Pre-surgical blood panel: $35 - $60 each
Hospitalization: average of $50.00 per day, up to $100 for critical care
Surgical packs: $5 each

Imagine how your contribution could fund part or all of a heartworm treatment or the repair of a broken leg - or how your donation could pay for one isoflurone anesthetic, a pre-surgical blood panel, a day or two of hospitalization or even a couple of surgical packs. Here's your opportunity to make a huge difference in a rescued Lab's life. We truly could not continue without your help and support and we are very grateful for all donations - no matter what the amount.


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