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The LABMED Challenge

The 2002 6th Anniversary Challenge

LABMED's Buddy is still happy and healthy.
August, 2002

This is LABMED's sixth anniversary. We sent out a challenge to all Labrador lovers to donate $6.00 for each beloved Labrador that filled their days with joy and, in turn, help other Labradors with medical needs get the second chance they deserve at finding their own family. Thanks to all those people that accepted the LABMED challenge.

Judi Ebbert

In appreciation of the immeasurable Lab-love she receives from her rescued labs: Bruno (chocolate) , age 11, Max (black), age 8, April (golden-yellow), age 3, and in memory of the late great Bear, a beloved black lab rescued at age 2, who, in spite of a multitude of ailments, lived to the ripe old age of 13, and was euthanized in 2002 when his body had had enough.

Denise Carnes

I have two wonderful Labs that I adore and cherish. They are truly my best friends. Your organization does great work.

Monica Bildner

Koko & Samsom

Erika Solberg

Callie Meredith

For all of the wonderful labs in my life: Maggie (aka Crabby Maggie), Barkleigh (my favorite chocolate boy), Cinnamon (lover girl), Nutmeg (I want to play), Jett (where's Nutmeg), Polk (Blind Dogs See with their Hearts) and Casey (now at the bridge). For their unconditional love.

Vicki & Michael Kilmer-Rinker

Chubbles (left) and sister Harlie (right), reunited for their first birthday party

For our big bundle of joy, "Chubbles" (AKA Labmed #254 "Buddy10"), and ALL the licking love he gives. ~Proud Parents of a Rescued Lab Mix~

Deb Hamele

In honor of my beloved Lab, Reilly (U-AGII, U-CD Chessie's Life O'Reilly UD, NA, CGC, TDI), now age 13 years 9 months, Reilly is my co-pilot on my journey through life.

Kathy LaFrana

I want to donate to Labmed in honor of 3 special yellow labs, Vixen, Stormy and Magic(who is waiting for me at the Bridge). Life is just not worth living without a big yellow dog to hug.

Gina and Doug Sharapan

A loving dedication to our three "children". Tia (Lab-mix, age 4), Mocha (Chocolate Lab, age 3), Frannie (Chocolate Lab, age 9). And in loving memory of Licorice (Black Lab, age 6).
~ We love you girls ~

Nancy Roberts

I am accepting the LABMED Challenge in honor of six wonderful Labs!

Pippin, a female black lab, who is a retired Guide Dog for the Blind that I raised as a puppy. She worked for six years as a guide dog for Angela Swain (Canada) before retiring due to neck problems. She living happily with a family in Canada.

Wendy, a female black lab, is a working Guide Dog for the Blind that I raised as a puppy. She lives in Alabama with her partner Margaret and is a much loved companion and career girl.

Lafferty, a male yellow lab, was raised as a guide dog puppy, but was retired due to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He has a wonderful home in southern Washington with a family he loves, plays with and watches over.

Texas, a male yellow lab, is currently a guide dog puppy in training. He is a beautiful and intelligent dog.

This is also in honor of Tipper, a female chocolate lab, and Pansy, a little female yellow lab puppy who had to have open heart surgery. Both were in Utah and are LABMED success stories.

Mary Ness

I am owned by a black lab named Jett and a chocolate lab named of Chase. They are both absolutely great.

Susan & Harley Lennon

In honor of Mr. Har, born 7/16/95, who has taught me more about life than any human being.

Jim Stevens

In honor of Kali, the most spirited dog on the planet!

Doug & Lynn Hutchinson

For all the Labs who have made our lives worthwhile. Coal (obviously black), Slugger (yellow), Dakota (black), Toby & Prince (both black who are playing by the Bridge with all of our other non-Lab children).

Daphne Lake

In memory of Sandy who gave us so much pleasure for 15 years. To Gunner who came to us from the Labrador rescue here in California and to Maggie who I baby-sit each day while her human mom teaches.

Beth Judd

For my 3 beautiful Labrador girls who fill my days with love and joy:
Chloe, Paige & Sophie!

Sarah C. Muir

Please accept this donation to help labs in need on behalf of the Kiscolabs who would send it themselves if they could Sundance, Senata, Mocha, Nessie, Ceilidh, Hash Brown, Mhairi, Sheena, Morag, Greta & last but not least Butch who is waiting at the rainbow bridge for his family to join him. Our life would be dull without our labs in it.

Jeanne Kilmer

Chubbles (Buddy10)

For my Granddog, Chubbles, AKA Buddy 10, LABMED Dog #254. He brings daily joy to my daughter and her husband and is, indeed, a great addition to our family.

Diana Holman

For my magnificent 7 and Baby (black) who I lost almost a year ago. Samson (black), Smiley (black), Sandy (yellow), Silly Boy (chocolate), Newby (chocolate), Goody Boy (chocolate), Honey (yellow).

Beth A. Kokoruda

For my Labs, Cooper and Java, and my Corgi, Terah, who keeps them in line. Thanks pupsters you have brought great joy to my life.

Gary and Linda Matsunaga

For our wonderful Labby babies, Jack and Abbey. There will never be another Jack. He was everything we could have asked for in a best friend. Our girl Abbey, with her big smile and her big heart, makes us smile. This old girl has only been with us for a little over a year, but she is definitely a part of the family.

Deric Sutton

For Josie, the Lab of my Life


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