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24 Hour LABMED Challenge!

The Rosie and Aggie Memorial Challenge has been a resounding success
and LABMED has been able to begin accepting applications again! We would like to publicly thank the caring owner of Rosie and Aggie for her support of LABMED. She was moved to issue this challenge when she read that LABMED had been forced to suspend accepting applications due to a lack of funds. The original challenge was for LABMED supporters to pledge $2000 within 24 hours.

We have been astounded and touched by the enthusiastic response to
this challenge. Our supporters surpassed our wildest dreams in pledging more than $10,000.00 to provide second chances for rescued Labs and Lab-mixes in need of emergency medical care.

LABMED Board Members are very grateful, not only for the financial
support that happened so quickly, but also for your vote of confidence. The words of encouragement that accompanied many of the pledges are very much appreciated by all of us. We have provided a list of donors on the Challenge page of our website in acknowledgment of this generous expression of love for all Labradors. Even though the official Challenge has ended, we would be happy to add donors to this list who were not available during the 24 hour time-frame but would still like to participate in the Rosie and Aggie Memorial Challenge.

The response to this Challenge has been all the more remarkable given
the difficult economic times that currently exist. It is a very special tribute
to all Labradors that so many people were willing to open their hearts
and their wallets for the neediest Labs of all. We are always amazed that
in spite of the neglect, abuse and hard times that we learn about from
our applicants, these wonderful dogs remain loving and trusting in the
true Labrador manner. Under the care of their rescuers they will be nursed
back to health - with financial assistance from LABMED. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make that possible.

LABMED Board of Directors

Thank You!

We have been overwhelmed with pledges and will be continuing
to update this web page over the next couple of days so please
check back if you don't find your name on here yet. If your name
already appears on this list and you would like to include a 
dedication, please send an email to our PR chair, Edith Bryan  
and we will be happy to add your message.

American Animal Hospital, Neenah, WI
Thank you for everything you guys do and we hope
this helps just a little bit!

Anderson, Phylene

Antoniades, Deborah
In honor of our Lab,Daisy.

Asch, Jeanine
Kisses and tail wags for the Endeavor Labrador girls.

Auen, Lisa

Bayers, Pat

Beck, Mary (LEARN)

Bildner, Monica

Bodenstein, Beth

Boettin, Darlene (LEARN)

Boettin, Joanne M. (LEARN)

Brennan, Lisa

Brooks, Stephanie

Brushwood, Jeanna

Buc, Denise

Burns, Cheryl

Carnes, Denise

Carter, Kelly

Caywood, Patricia (LEARN)

Cobb, Joellen

D'Aubin, Mary Lee

Daniels, Melanie

Davol, Pamela
On behalf of Doris Engbertson of Godiva Labs in
loving memory of her  'Kiu' and 'Kansas'.

Davol, Pamela
On behalf of the Labbies at Wing-N-Wave.

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue
Thank you for helping us out when we were just 
getting started.

Duchow, Katherine (LEARN)
Good Luck

Dvorchak, Eleanor

Engbertson, Doris

Englesby, Sue

Farwell, Laura (LEARN)
Good Luck with the 24-Hour Challenge!  
Thanks for all you do!

Fekula, Lydia

Feldkirchner, Jennifer (LEARN)

Flagg, Nadine

Forte, Donna

Lisa Genson (LEARN)
In memory of Jess; the best yellow Lab who ever lived.

Gerlach, Lynn

Globis, Alina (LEARN)

Gray, Mandy

Halloran, Jennifer

Hann, Lynn

Hanson, Phil

Hapeman, Julie  (LEARN)

Hardee, Cenci

Heuit, Jennie Van

Hill, Roxana

Holman, Diana

Houseknecht, Autumn A.

Jenkins, Gina (LEARN)

Johnson, Rachel

Kaplan, Linda
Bless you and Thank you for all the GOOD 
that you folks do!

Kerr, Rebecca

Kingston, Bill

Kopriwa, Diane M.

Kunert, Christine

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Indiana

Lab Rescue of OK

LaPierre, Heather

Lawhorn, Barbara & Dan

Lennon, Susan T.

Litke, Hedy

 Long, Carol (LEARN)

Longton, Carol
In loving memory of 'Bach' and 'Jenah'.

Luhta, Katherine

MacAulay, Rachel

McCCullough, Margaret

McManus, Pamela (LEARN)

Miller, Jill (LEARN)
This is in Beamish (aka Galaxy's) honor.

Mitchum, San

Moore, Jennifer (LEARN)

Nord, LeAnne (LEARN)
In loving memory of Alana's 'Taco'.

Northern Ohio Labrador Retriever Club
In memory of all of our beloved Labs who have 
crossed over the 'Rainbow Bridge'.

Nowicki, Jim and Helen (LEARN)

O'Donovan, John, Susan and Daisy
Thank you for all you do.

Packerdogs Lab Rescue Inc.

Parks, Nancy

Peters, Loretta (LEARN)
What a great thing to do!

Pewauke Veterinary Services

Poland, Ann

Potyka, Dagmar
In honor of our chocolate wonder, 'Scholli'.
Thanks so much for all that you do!

Queram, Jennifer

Raddatz, Kathleen

Rahall, Suzanne

Reeves, Lisa
In memory of Sunny.

Roarke, Wallace
Interlochen Labs.

Robinson, Brenda
Glad to help out!  Please let NEARR know what happened!
My Labbies are happy to be part of this gift.

Romasco, Penny (LEARN)
I appreciate the great work you do!

Russell, Roxana

Ruther, Janet (LEARN)

Saeman, Ann (LEARN)

Schuett, Jeff

Skelton, Sarah

Spatz, George (LEARN)

Senior Canine Rescue Society
In loving memory of 'Jessie', a rescued
12 year old Labrador Retriever gone too soon.

Stapleton, Susan

Sutphin, Carol

Tatsuno, Sandra
In honor of 'Jingles', my beloved Lab.

Tripp, Cynthia

Veselsky, Karen (LEARN)

Walker, Andrea

Walker, Douglas

Walker, Kevin
Good luck and God bless.

Wallace, Susanna
On Behalf of 'Andre'...Thanks for all you do.

Weber, Sonya

Whaley, Dranda

Yeaton, Andrea
In honor of Annie, a beautiful black Lab 'puppy'
of 11 years and still wagging!

Zolnier, Melanie (LEARN)


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