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Labs Funded


LABMED Donation Drive

Thank You

LABMED's 2001 Donation Drive raised $4,935.00. Thanks to your generous support, we'll be able to give more second chances to many Labs and Lab mixes.

We'd also like to thank everybody who has responded to Jack's Challenge. Please see Jack's Page for the donors and dedications.

Dranda Whaley
Susan Lennon
Mary Keane
Elizabeth Judd
Jonathan Schmugge
Nicole Molau
Diane Kopriwa and the girls - Casey and Coco
Pamela Davol
Rob and Tara Rill
Judith Wolff
Kim and Ron Wattles
Linda Bagby
Wendy Buckley
Mary Ellen Hassett-Elam
Michele Rogers
George King
Tim Gebhart
Nancy Colbroth
Julie Lupkin
Margie Dykstra
Susan Ossakow
Heidi Gilbert
Mary Ness
Terry Albert
Karen Reardon
Brian Kupiec
Anne Fay
Reta Worten
Jacquelyn O'Sullivan
Daryl Kauleinamoku
Dara Gates
Denise Carnes
Joseph Nicholson
Jude Fine
Lauren Hadley
Susan Rickey
Edith and Richard Bryan
Kurt Baumeister
Kelly Schmude
David Bryan
Robert Garvey
Lauren Hadley
Deloise Bowman
Deborah Friss
Kris McCann
Sharon Porter
R.W. and R.J. Bagby
Martin Jacobs
Kyle and Susan Miyamoto
Laurie Meil
Glen Meyers
Roger Libra
Cenci Hardee
Norma Coffey
Alan J. Thill


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