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LABMED Donation Drive

Welcome to the 2002 Donation Drive!

You can help us reach our goal!

LABMED is pleased to announce our fourth annual Donation Drive. Your active participation in our Donation Drive ensures abandoned and injured Labs will get a second chance at a happy, healthy life. In addition to helping Labs in need, your donation is tax-deductible and you may choose to receive a special thank you gift.

The number of Labrador retrievers given second chances with the help of LABMED has increased every year. The increases in the number of dogs we've funded tells us that more and more rescue organizations and individuals have heard about LABMED. A quick look at the number of dogs we've funded shows this trend:

August, 1996 - July, 1997: LABMED funded 5 dogs - $1,565
August, 1997 - July, 1998: LABMED funded 18 dogs - $5,842
August, 1998 - July, 1999: LABMED funded 43 dogs - $19,357
August, 1999 - July, 2000: LABMED funded 90 dogs - $38,582
August, 2000 - April, 2001: LABMED funded 77 dogs - $36,882
May, 2001 - June, 2002: LABMED funded 166 dogs - $61,388

Total Funding: $163,616!

While these numbers are impressive, and we are proud of LABMED's growth, they do not come without cost. We anticipate funding over 175 applications in 2002 alone! LABMED is supported by donations from caring people like yourself. Our average expenditure per application is $400; 175 applications could total $70,000 or more. You can make a difference by participating in our limited-time donation drive today and giving more Labs a second chance at life.

Last year, during our 2001 Donation Drive we received over $5,490.00 in donation pledges. We're pleased to state that a whopping 96% of those funds were put into the LABMED treasury to assist dogs that needed medical care. Please view our pie chart which clearly illustrates where the remaining 4% of those funds were used. We invite you to click over to our Success Story webpage and view the many wonderful dogs your donation dollars enabled us to save.

Sign me up to support LABMED!

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Choose how you want to make your tax-deductible donation:
I will send a Check to the address provided below;
I will send a Money Order to the address provided below;
I will provide my Visa/MasterCard information by calling the phone number provided below;
I will use PayPal via the link provided below.

This year you have the option of completing your Donation Drive pledge using an extended payment option. Please choose how you'd like to complete your pledge:
I would like to provide my entire donation at this time.
I would like to use the extended payment option.
Extended Payment Option:
If you wish to complete your pledge over time, please complete the information below:
If you are paying with a check, money order or use PayPal, we will gladly send you a reminder by e-mail or telephone:
I'd like to complete my pledge in two payments.
I'd like to complete my pledge in three payments.
If you are paying with a Credit Card: We will gladly make automatic debits to your MasterCard or Visa. (We will notify you before making these debits):
I'd like to complete my pledge in two payments.
I'd like to complete my pledge in three payments.

All you need do is:

- fill out the above electronic information form with your personal information.
- indicate the level of your gift and free gift you'd like to receive.
- indicate the donation option you prefer.
- send the form electronically by pressing the 'submit' button below.

Then please mail a copy of this completed Donation Drive form along with your check or money order made payable to LABMED to:

c/o Pat Kolb, Treasurer
213 Jeanne Lane
Chaparral, NM 88081

Visa LogoMasterCard LogoDonation Drive contributions can also be made by credit card (Visa/MasterCard). At this time, we are not able to accept your credit card transactions securely on-line. To process your credit card contribution, fill out and submit the electronic Donation Drive Form. Next, call 972-208-2470 between the hours of 8AM - 8PM CST to supply your card number information.

Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure! Should you prefer to make your donation using PayPal, we have provided a link for your convenience.

Then, accept our heartfelt thanks -- on behalf of everyone here at LABMED and your friends in Lab rescue -- for your support. Please also remember that your donation is tax-deductible. When we receive your donation, we will ship your gift. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for your thank you package to arrive.

NOTE: LABMED, Inc. is committed to respecting your privacy. We recognize your need for reasonable control of personally identifiable information that you share with us. Therefore, LABMED will not sell or give out your information to others.

Check back here frequently to see how your dollars fill up the LABMED donation bone!


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