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Medical Information Sites

The following sites cover medical topics of interest to dog owners. These sites are intended to provide useful information and education. While we have tried to find sites with the best information, LABMED does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the information. PLEASE always consult with your veterinarian if you think your dog has a medical problem — and also consult your vet for routine well-dog checks.

Many of the sites listed are from Cindy Tittle-Moore's extensive collection of dog FAQ's. Her Labrador Retriever Home Page is a good place to stop for all kinds of information about Labradors.

Addisons Disease:

Anaphylaxis in Dogs (Drug Reactions):

Animal CPR:

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia:

The Bloat Book - First Aid For Bloat

Canine Renal Disease:

Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism):

Cushings Syndrome:

Information about CS and about a specific drug called Anipryl:


Diet Problems:

Disabilities: - A very informative site, giving links to sites that have wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Lots of information how to make life easier for a mobility-impaired dog. - Resources and information for various diabilities, including incontinence.

Elbow Dysplasia:

Canine Epilepsy Resource Center

Eye Problems:

Feeding malnourished dogs:

First Aid Information:

Heartworms: - American Heartworm Society

Hip Dysplasia: - click on Musculoskeletal Disorders - has x-rays and briefly explains each procedure

Laryngeal Paralysis:

Lyme Disease: - Some breeds of dogs such as the Labrador retriever and Golden retriever may be at additional risk to a fatal kidney disease (Lyme nephritis) associated with Lyme infection.

Paralysis Research:


Skeletal Muscular Myopathy:

Tropical Canine Pancytopaenia (TCP) or Ehrlichiosis:

Vaccines, Infectious Diseases and the Canine Immune System:

GENERAL INFORMATION SITES covering a variety of veterinary topics:

Labrador Health and Genetics Links:

VetInfo - A veterinary information service —


"Rescuing Rover: A First Aid and Disaster Guide for Dog Owners" Authors: Sebastian E. Heath and Andrea O'Shea. Available through Amazon (Link to Amazon from our 'Shop With' Pages and LABMED will get a percentage of the sale!)

American Veterinary Medical Association:

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