Ginger healed

Ginger Nofziger
October 7, 1996 to June 5, 1999

We lost one of our own today.
The void will never be completely filled.
It never should, as that it how we remember our loss.
We are filled with thoughts of guilt.
As we think of what was done or could have been done.
But it is better to think of the happy and funny times.
That is how a loss should be remembered.

We lost one of our own today.
She was a part of our family.
She was everything any child could be.
She was honest and loyal, playful to a fault.
She knew what was right
And still had the sense not to choose it.

We lost one of our own today.
She wasn't dealt a fair hand in life.
But she met it head-on,
With a spirit and will that defined who she was.
Perhaps one day we will meet her again.

Ginger was a yellow AKC Labrador; she weighed 50 lbs. and stood 18" at the shoulder. When she was 10 weeks old her left leg was broken and never set. At 6 months she was operated on by a veterinarian at OSU. Her leg was re-broken and set properly. After 2 months in an external fixator her leg had healed enough for her to return to life as a healthy puppy. She never really grew out of being a puppy. She was playful and always started the "fights" with her larger housemates. She always greeted us with her "smile" and a lick of the tongue. She loved to sleep with us under the covers. Her favorite pastime was fetch, she would look for her favorite ball until she found it. And then she would play until we tired. She will always be missed and never be forgotten.

Ed Nofziger

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