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These puppets were carefully selected and priced by the LABMED board. The Folkmanis company is the industry leader in puppet making and puppetry supplies. The list of awards they have received for their unique designs is incredible. Their current catalog lists over 190 different puppet styles from the uniquely innovative glove marionettes to the tiny finger puppets to the full body puppets we have selected below

 Folkmanis Mallard Duckling Puppet

This is a cute, soft and cuddly duckling puppet. Hand goes through the body to make the head and wings move. It is 10 inches tall and is a full body puppet.    

 Lab Puppet

This full body puppet features a soft velvety coat, weighted ears and feet and a satiny pink tongue. You'll find even the fine details very realistic from the soft leathery nose to the cup ears -- this puppet was a winner of the 1999 Parent's Choice Magazine Award. Hand enters in bottom chest area to move head and mouth. Mouth moves very well. 20 inches long.


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