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Labrador Tales

LABMED was pleased to present Labrador Tales: A Celebration of America's Favorite Dog in August of 1998. We are doubly excited to be able to offer MORE Lab Tales stories in a brand new book. This new production contains many of your favorites from the first book but additionally it will include 38 brand new stories from our favorite storytellers,The Maxwell AwardJohn Arrington and Walt Zientek - who won the prestigious Maxwell Medallion Award for Labrador Tales. The award was presented to the authors in February, 2000 at the Dog Writer's Association of America Awards Banquet in New York City. And once again, this volume is beautifully illustrated by Lab lover and pet portrait artist, Terry Albert!

Get ready to enjoy new stories from John on the antics of a now-adolescent Chamois. And you'll love the new short stories, thought-provoking essays and poignant poems from Walt. Terry Albert's beautiful artwork has appeared on posters, t-shirts and note cards; she has designed several t-shirts and posters for the LRC National Specialty Show! This new Lab Tales rewrite includes many new illustrations as well as the new cover artwork shown above.

Our publicist, Denise, will be organizing book days across the country at Barnes and Noble bookstores. If you would like to host a book day to help publicize this book, please fill out this form so we can get you on our list to set up a date and time in the near future. This effort would involve sitting at a table in your local Barnes and Noble Booksellers, chatting with people who stop by the table, handing out pre-order forms, maintaining a sign up sheet for people to sign for additional information/future contact, perhaps talking about Lab rescue or LABMED, but definitely promoting this new book. We'd love to have as many supporters across the country as possible help us with this special effort.

Labrador Tales is available in bookstores, but if you buy it from us here at the LABMED Web site a greater percentage of the profits go into our rescue fund! Ready to order? Just click our LABMED Order Form link below!!

 Labrador Tales

Softcover, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 264 pages;
black and white illustrations by Terry Albert;
text by John Arrington and Walt Zientek.
ISBN: 0-9669159-3-3
Publisher: Photo Restoration and Design


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