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 What Labs Love

What Labs Love is the perfect gift for any person or family with a Labrador and its adorable color photos and amusing text make it a great picture book for dog-loving youngsters as well. Labs are pictured in everyday activities--catching Frisbees, chasing balls, licking faces, and swimming are just a few of the standard favorites that will find you saying, "Oh, remember when our Lab did that?" Camelli's photos capture Labs at their affectionate best, from rolling in the grass to cuddling with a kitten, and Singer's text manages to be both admiring and teasing. The book is dedicated to a Lab - Lucy, whom the owner credits with "teaching me all about Labrador love." The last two pages of the book are blank frames so you can paste in photos of your own pup.

Hardcover - 124 pages
photographs by Ed Camelli; text by Mike Singer
100 captioned, color photos
Size: 6 x 6 x .5 inches
ISBN: 0764563203
(February 2001; Hungry Minds, Inc).


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