LABMED HomeRx for Rescued Labs


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 Chilly Bone

Rugged Canvas bone is cool and refreshing for teething puppies of all sizes. Soak the 7" Chilly Bone with water and freeze it. An absorbent inner sponge holds the water and makes this toy non toxic fun for your pet. When dog is finished chewing, put the Chilly Bone back into its reusable bag for next time. Soothes gums and promotes healthy teeth. The Chilly Bone is intended for teething puppies and may not be suitable for older dogs.


 Grunting Marmot Toy

Dark or light brown Marmot is a hit with big dogs. Includes a squeaker, a grunter, and a rattle. 12" Marmot has a 20" tail. Please allow us to choose a color for you.


 Migrator Toys

Foot long bird dog toys. Thick, plush fabric, strong seams and a loud grunter make these toys a #1 pick!

Please choose either Canada Goose,Quail, Pheasant or Mallard Duck.


 Red Fire Hydrant

Best Quality plush fire hydrant has two squeakers inside. 8" tall.


 Bright Plush Ball

Ruggged, great looking toy has two squeakers inside. 5" diameter.


 Howling Wolf

We KNOW your buddy will love THIS one!



Our talking hamster is a favorite of children...oh and yes, dogs too.


 Barking Dog

Do you really need another barking dog in the house? Your pup may get a kick out of this one.


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