LABMED HomeRx for Rescued Labs


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 Fetch Art Lips

Teach your dog to carry these toys around and watch the fun begin. Be sure to have batteries in the'll want a shot of this. Choose from Clown Lips, Chicken Lips or Red Lips. Heavy duty rubber toy weighs more than 1/2 pound. (Not intended as a chew toy.)

 Flopability Dog Toys

Flopability is the word here. Made from a rugged denim material, dogs love shaking Big Mean Kitty or Postal Plaything around. Watch Kitty's arms and legs flail about, whacking your dog at every turn. Or does someone in your house love the Mail Carrier? Oh yeah, now your dog can have a close and personal relationship with one. Rugged construction ensures hours of play time shaking and swinging these 14" new pals around.

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