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Yankee's First Lady
2-16-90 - 11-22-01

This Lady was one many dogs in my life that were named Lady. But THIS LADY was my VERY SPECIAL one. She was the first dog I owned that I bred & she gave me 7 wonderful puppies. Lady was with me through many, many hard years. She was my comfort while getting divorced & rebuilding my life. Lady spent many, many hours licking the streams of tears from my face & hugs.

She was also my #1 TROUBLE dog. She constantly challenged me with issues such as; the garbage, dirty dishes, raiding the refrigerator that have to be duct taped shut or she'd be in it. Baking & storing Christmas cookies! No matter how well I stored & put them up Lady's mind was always thinking of how can I get those. She'd sit in the kitchen & just stare up at the top of the fridge as this became the safest place along with the microwave - she never could figure out how to "open the vault". Lady gave as much love as she did trouble! I always said her name should have been - I'm NO Lady!

I know she's out of pain now & I know she's with her older sister Sheba & her buddy Yankee once again playing & romping & waiting for "mom".

Thank-you Lady for all the wonderful years we had together. You took a very big chunk of my heart with you, because this Lady definitely was my "Heart Dog". But I think you already knew this.

I'll be missing & loving you always til we meet again.



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