November 20, 1997 � January 20, 2004

Tucker came into our family on Dec 24, 1997. Steve wanted to give me something very special for Christmas. He was 5 lbs when he came to live with us. He became part of our family from the start by going everywhere with us. He was the most well known dog in San Bruno.

We lived across the street from an elementary school and we worked very hard to train him to be gentle with the school children.  The kids loved him and on a regular basis the kids would draw pictures of Tucker in their classes and leave the pictures in our mailbox. Sometimes I would let Tucker out when the kids were walking up the street to go to lunch and he would lead the line and then run back to the house.

Tucker always loved to watch baseball games. He would forever chase after the balls. He would sit for hours and enjoy just being with the 'guys' playing ball. And of course one of the best treats in the world, from one dog to another, was a hotdog at the baseball game.

Tucker always loved going for walks, but one of his favorite walks was a walk in Dad�s red truck. It wasn�t particularly important where we were going, but the truck was special to Tucker. One of Tucker�s favorite destinations was Mercy High School. He would wait with Dad patiently for the girls to be released from school at 3:00. As the girls congregated on the front lawns of the school, Tucker would search intently. The search was difficult because the girls all dressed alike in plaid skirts and sweaters, but Tucker knew one of the girls was his Katie.  When he finally saw her, he was overwhelmed with joy. As ever, Tucker was popular with the girls at Mercy too.

Tucker had many dog friends: Goldie, Toni, Caesar, Nike, Bailey (his cousin), and Rusty. He also was very special to many people: Daniel, Bryan, Joylne, Sue, Leigh, Janet, the Littles, the Smiths and the staff at Masson Veterinary Hospital.

All of my wonderful and special memories of my boy 'Tucker' will remain with me forever. He was my rock, my friend and my companion. We all loved him.


Tucker�s Mom,