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The Quilting Bee

No! Not the Garden!!!

photo of quilt block

Artist: Gretchen Pinkel
Artist's comments: If you have ever had the privilege of a Labrador or two (or three) being a member(s) of your family then you know the joy of a good game of "bee"! Our 'girls' - Maggie, Alice, and Morgan all love a good game of "bee". They make beautiful jump catches; have wagging tails, and happy looks on their faces as they bring back the "bee"! Tons of enthusiasm to say the least!

However, that enthusiastic retrieve game of "get the bee" has on occasion turned into "you can't catch me!" All is takes to know the game has changed is: as they reach the "bee" there is a hesitation, they turn, look back with a glint in their eye(s), (yes, Alice tends to be the culprit!) and then take off at high speed with arched backs, feet going faster than their bodies, running in circles, doing pick, sudden stops, then around the house, up the hill, back and down and then. a right angle turn and (famous last words)..."NO! NOT THE GARDEN!!!! PLEASE!!!!" (As all of them have developed a convenient hearing impairment and forgotten the meaning of the recall from all the hours of obedience classes!) But, I have to admit, after the game is all over and done with, it was enjoyable to watch their antics of chase or be chased... and the garden will grow least most of the time!

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