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The Quilting Bee

Candy Rose

Artist: Donnie Nicoson
Technique: Machine applique
Artist's comments:

Candy Rose
7/31/76 � 12/26/79

Candy Rose came into our family when she was almost one year old. She was given to us by a family who had adopted her pregnant mother, Cocoa, from Actors and Others for Animals. Although Candy had been placed, she was returned because the first adopters did not realize the size and energy of a full-grown Lab. Lucky for us!

We just moved into our first house and we were looking for a Lab to complete our family. Candy already had her first name, so, to make her ours, we gave her the middle name of Rose. I would often sing to her, "Say has anybody seen my sweet Candy Rose?" Even though I can't carry a tune, my Candy Rose enjoyed being serenaded.

On Candy's first examination of her new backyard, she walked straight into the deep end of the swimming pool. Although startled and shocked, her true Labrador genes took over and she swam all the way to the shallow end, where she was helped out. From then on she loved the water and I would often find her just sitting on one of the steps so she was chest deep in water.

Candy Rose's greatest talent was her diving ability. She would not just calmly enter the pool, she would jettison herself up and off the edge of the pool in an arched trajectory and enter the water with a great splash! She had almost Olympic form as she flew through the air and that is how she is pictured in her quilt block. Candy Rose is machine appliqu�d to a background of sunset over water.

Candy Rose suddenly, literally dropped dead the day after Christmas 1979. It was most likely an embolism. I cried for days. She was so young and such a very good girl. Since then I have had more Labs, but there has never been one quite like my sweet Candy Rose.

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