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The Quilting Bee

Minature Amish Diamond

Artist: Cindy Garman
Technique: Cross-stitch, pieced and hand quilted
Artist's comments: The quilt block itself is a minature Amish Diamond (also known as Diamond in the Square). The purple, green and blue colors are seen in both Amish quilts and Amish clothes; the red is only seen in quilts. More importantly, the colors are the colors of show ribbons.

The center diamond has a leaping black Lab done in cross stitch, and a cross for LABMED quilted in contrasting thread.

I thought, when I started this that the block would be "about" my beloved Max of cherished memory and there are hearts in the quilting for him. However, being a novice, I made this up as I went along, and when I finished and looked at it, it turned out to be primarily about Trip. Trip the terrible Horrible, Trip the Brat, Trip the star of his own soap opera - he's there in the leaping Lab in the center, and in the energy in the quilting of the other edge.

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