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The Quilting Bee


Artist: Donnie Nicoson
Technique: Friday was the most photogenic dog I have ever known. Friday's quilt block is a photo of him placed in the center of a Homespun Star made from Quilts and More by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith.
Artist's comments:


Looking for a family Labrador, we answered a Pet Orphans classified ad. I really wanted to try a chocolate or yellow. The only one they had at that time was a big black guy named Friday. He had been given to Pet Orphans because he was such a great dog his former family did not want to surrender him to the local shelter. As renters, their landlord was firm about his 'no dogs' policy and gave them the ultimatum - he goes or you go! Prior to that, he had been found as a small puppy wandering near the San Bernardino Freeway. A lady rescued him from the perils of traffic and brought him to her small apartment. As Friday grew, he became too big for apartment living and he went to the family in the rented house with a yard.

With Friday it was not "love at first sight". As we were getting acquainted at the Pet Orphans facility, he poked his nose through a fence. There was a cat on the other side and she scratched at his nose, which immediately started bleeding. That was the moment I decided to adopt Friday because such a big, clumsy dog really needed me to take care of him.

We brought Friday home and gave him a bath. He was very timid and shy and just sat in a corner in the family room trying to figure it all out. We made a bed for him in the bedroom. I felt something was wrong when I awoke the next morning. When I opened my eyes, there was Friday, stretched across our king-size bed between our pillows at the headboard.

Friday acclimated very well to his new home and soon thought of himself as the one in charge. I would often watch him climb to the top of his backyard hillside and sit and gaze over his kingdom. Friday was a very vocal Lab and would seriously try to communicate his thoughts, but it sounded like "arroyo, arroyo, arroyo" to me.

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