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Labs Funded

The Quilting Bee

Pennsylvania Dutch Labs

Artist: Dianne Walsh
Technique: Hand-painted
Artist's comments: This block was hand-painted using themes from Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) folk art as a way of saying hello from my two Pennsylvania-bred Labs, Maverick and Charlie. The Distelfink (bird) is a symbol of good luck; the hearts represent love; the crossed flowers represent friendship; the tulip represents faith in yourself, in others, and in what you do; and the blue scallops inside the large heart represent smooth sailing on the sea of life. The rosette on the left-hand hex sign represents God's eye view of the tulip, meaning that you will be in the grace of God. The right-hand hex represents the four seasons and its colors mean protection (black), health (yellow), creativity (red), and growth (green). The "Guten Tag" greeting is German for hello!

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