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The Quilting Bee


photo of quilt block

Artist: Jan Temple
Technique: The block is of my own design utilizing photo transfer, fusible webbing, machine appliqu� and embroidery, and pieced borders.
Artist's comments:


Dino, a chocolate lab, was owned by a good friend. He was happy to see me come to visit � probably because I always brought treats. I saw him often during social activities at his home and when I sat with him and his two rescued sisters. Over the last several years hip dysplasia and arthritis were major health issues inspite of medications. How he retained his joyful and fun-loving disposition is a mystery. He inspired me to write a poem which I presented to his mother last May. It descried his personality and all the clever things he could do, which included, giving big sloppy kisses, bringing in the morning paper, winking, smacking his lips, tossing his basketball (or piece hereof) into the air and catching it, and the list goes on and on. The verse surrounding his picture on the quilt block ("You were loved by all so very much 'cuz you were such a joy. But now you're gone and our hearts ache for you sweet special boy.") was written on March 11, 2000 when at the age of 13+ he was laid to rest. It is an expression of my grief.

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