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The Quilting Bee

Drucilla, OA, AXJ, AD, CD, NJC, NGC, NAC, RS-N, GS-N, JS-N, CGC, TDInc.

Artist: Lori Lewis
Technique: Pieced blocked with applique

Artist's comments: This quilt square was made in dedication of my rescue Labrador Retriever, Drucilla. The face is patterned after a photo of her taken at an agility trial in March of 1999.

Drew had been brought to the clinic where I worked and had tested positive for heartworms, a very preventable disease. Her "owners" decided that they didn't need her, they had her brother at home anyway, and they really didn't have the money to treat her, so they brought her in to be euthanised. Since the clinic she was at was a Humane Society clinic, and they don't euthanise for reasons that are frivolous like that, her plight was brought to my attention.

I took one look at those eyes and it was love at first sight. She came home with us and we treated her for heartworms and various other ailments along the way.

Drew is my first dog, and has me SOLD on the beauty, brains, and charisma of the Labrador Retriever. Because of her, I have become involved in SO many activities and worthwhile ventures. We started with agility, and with a passion that is equal to none other I've seen, she attacked each agility course with a quest for supremacy (even if it was HER course and not the judge's!!). Though elbow dysplasia caused an early retirement, Drew has overseen her sister's training, shouting barks of encouragement from the sidelines...

Because of Drew, I became involved in Labrador Rescue, placing Labs on my own until I joined as a volunteer with Labrador Rescue of Florida. Because of my rescue work, I learned about LABMED, and after working with them to fund a puppy that had been run over by a car (Charlie), I knew I had found a very worthwhile cause. I applied to be a Board Member and joined them 2 years ago, two VERY fulfilling years....

Drucilla continues to give back to the community by attending pet therapy through the CARE Program at the Clay County Humane Society. We visit 8 area nursing homes a month.

Drew is a shining example of all that can be accomplished with a rescue dog...give rescue a chance, until they all have homes, adopt one.

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