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The Quilting Bee

The Rescue

Artist: Pamela Davol
Technique: Machine embroidery
Artist's comments: This quilt block entitled �The Rescue� is from a photograph of �Kayla� by C. Martin and H. MacDonald. The phogograph was scanned, enlarged, and printed on transfer paper. The photo was then fransferred to the quilt block using a hot iron. The transferred photo served as a template for machine embroidery.

Though I have many wonderful photos of Labs that I have bred, this photo inspired �The Rescue� because, to me, it symbolizes those things that we all sometimes take for granted in our lives and how our Labs, with their pure hearts and tranquil understanding, show us the way.

The Rescue
By Pamela A. Davol

Rushing from one meeting to another,
Then back to work for more.
Never taking a moment to slow down,
From life�s endless chore.

Living for tomorrow,
Not appreciating what�s before me today.
And, yet, here�s just another,
Who needs what help I may.

To take you home,
Away from the lonesome despair.
But I can�t, I shouldn�t
Life�s depleted me of care.

Those brown eyes,
They see into my soul�s deepest core.
All right, okay,
Maybe there�s room for just one more.

Up into my Jeep,
And away we drive.
You snuggle my hand,
So happy to be alive.

You don�t even know me,
Yet I feel your trust.
Yes, your hero has arrived,
And I will do what I must.

Suddenly my days are not endless,
Got to make time for fun.
No more working late � a friend�s waiting for me,
Sorry, I�ve got to run.

I�m home, my dear friend,
What�s on tonight�s agenda to do?
A stroll, maybe a game of retrieve the ball?
Hey, I know let�s rent a canoe!

Look at those flowers,
Are they brighter today?
Listen to that tide,
The clang of the buoy in the bay.

Were these wonders always here,
Beyond my horizons end?
Did you bring them home to me,
My loving, jet-black friend?

And now, watching you sit,
Among the blooms of our favorite place,
I feel such peace during these special moments,
Away from life�s hectic pace.

Suddenly, your gaze meets mine,
And your unspoken words ring true,
�All the while you thought you were the hero,
But I was the one rescuing you.�

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