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Quilting Bee Projects

A Stitch in Time Saves...Labradors!

When we planned our first Quilting Bee Project, we naturally hoped it would be a successful and fun project for everyone. The quilt squares and the enthusiasm this project has received over the years has been tremendous. Starting in 2004 we felt like it was time to try something new, so a small group of quilters who have made blocks for previous years' quilts and/or quilts for the LABMED auctions have gotten together and formed a committee called "The LABMED Quilters". In 2004 they designed a quilt together (A Day At the Lake) and have continued networking to design the annual quilts. The LABMED Quilters are spread out all over the country and, like LABMED, are doing all of their discussion and designing of quilts on-line.

The creativity and stories that accompany each past quilt has been put together in this single webpage for all to enjoy. We invite you to click on the following project links to view individual squares and information about previous years' quilts. Many interesting stories and tributes are available on these accompanying pages. It is hoped that this project, like LABMED, will inspire others to start similar projects to help Labradors in need of assistance.

The LABMED Quilters group is already working on next year's quilt. If you are an experienced quilter interested in joining the group that will design and create next year's quilt, or would like to provide feedback about this project, we'd love to hear from you!


The 2000 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time Saves Labradors


The 2001 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time II
Labradors at Work and Play


The 2002 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time III
Labrador Heroes


The 2003 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time IV
The Labrador: A Dog For All Reasons


The 2004 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time V
A Day at the Lake

The 2005 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time VI


The 2006 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time VII

2006 Second Chance Quilt


The 2007-2008 Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time VIII


The 2009 LABMED Quilt Project:
A Stitch in Time IX


The 2010 LABMED Quilt, A Stitch in Time X


A Stitch in Time XI, 2011 LABMED Quilt

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