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LABMED Reflective Bandannas

LABMED is pleased to offer a new wearable designed to help keep you and your pet safe! blue bandana
The LABMED Reflective Bandanna, brought to you by LABMED and Glow DogTM, is made of illumiNITETM. red bandana

Here's how it works - the fabric reflects light (it doesn't glow). It works like it has tiny little mirrors embedded in the fabric and when bright white light, such as a car headlight, is shone on the fabric, it reflects back a bright white color. Glow-in-the-dark fabrics only glow for a short period of time after being exposed to light. Your new LABMED bandanna will shine brightly every time a car drives by you at night. What better way to keep you and your beloved pet safe on those early morning or nightly strolls?

Blue fabric during the day

Blue fabric reflecting light at night

Red fabric during the day

Red fabric reflecting light at night

Our LABMED reflective bandanna is available in two colors: red with with black printing and blue with red printing. Bandannas are triangular, measuring 24" X 24" X 33", and will fit all but the most enormous Lab. The fabric is durable, machine washable and colorfast. Reflective bandanas are available for $10.00 each.

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