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Dog Toys for Labs and their Friends!

After taking a survey of our supporters, friends and our Labs, we're happy to offer this assortment of Lab-friendly dog toys. Most of these toys have been Lab tested and approved by our very own Labs. Please remember that not all toys are good for all dogs. Don't leave your dog unsupervised with any toy until you are sure it is Lab-friendly for your Lab!


Buddy Glow Ball

Buddy Glow Ball Large: The Buddy Glow ball is great for indoor & outdoor play. This soft, squeezable ball measures 4.5". It glows in the dark so it is great for day or evening play.
Price: $6.99

Flashing Ball Flashing Ball: Visually stimulating and very durable this flashing ball measures 2.75". Light and battery are sealed inside ball. Lasts over 12,000 blink cycles (25 seconds). It rolls, it blinks, it FLOATS.
Price: $13.95

Jumball Jumballs: This is a BIG tennis ball for big dogs. 4-inches in diameter and thicker than an average tennis ball for lots more fun. It floats, it bounces, it's FUN!
Price: $7.95

LABMED Tennis Ball LABMED Tennis Balls: Just your average tennis balls with a new twist! These balls are stamped with our LABMED name and webpage URL making these extra special.
Price $1.25 per.


Floating Kong Floating Kongs: The Cool Kong is a floating retriever toy. Use in field or water, the durable throwing rope makes long distance throws easy. Price: $9.95

Regular Red Kong Red Kongs: Fill 'em with treats, food, or peanut butter - then FREEZE it! Makes for a great long-lasting treat. This is the size 'extra large' Kong. Aggressive chewing dogs should not be given these red rubber Kong products. See the black Ultra King Kongs below.
Price $11.95

Power Kong Ultra King Kong: For power chewers, Black Rubber Kongs are used by Police K-9 Teams, Drug Enforcement and Military K-9 Teams, AKC Competition Trainers, and many more.
Price: $14.95

Goodie Gone Goodie Bones: From Planet Kong, this 7" rubber toy can help reduce destructive chewing. Treats can be placed inside these durable, solid rubber toys. These rubber bones are a new addition to the best selling Planet Kong line. Treat holders on each end.
Price: $9.95

Throw Toys

Tennis Ball Stick Tennis Ball Fetch Stick: Fetch Stick tennis ball material makes this Air Dog 8" fetch stick super bouncy and durable.
Price: $7.95

Tennis Bone Square Ball Tennis Bone Square Ball: Made from tennis ball materials, this Air Dog Toy is a 3" cube. Rugged and brightly colored, this toy floats and has a very wacky bounce.
Price: $7.95

ChuckIt! Chuck-It: A revolutionary way to exercise your dog! Uses a standard size tennis ball and is designed for hands free pickup -- never pick up a slimy tennis ball again. With a little practice you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet. Size: 26 inches long. Assorted colors; please let us choose.
Price: $12.00

Stuffed Toys

Migrator Plush Toys Migrator Plush Toys: Foot long bird dog toys. Thick, plush fabric, strong seams and a loud grunter make these toys a #1 pick! Please choose either Canadian Goose,Quail, Pheasant or Mallard Duck.
Price: $11.95.

Grunting Marmot Grunting Marmot Toy:

Dark or light brown Marmot is a hit with big dogs. Includes a squeaker, a grunter, and a rattle. 12" Marmot has a 20" tail. Please allow us to choose a color for you.
Price: $14.95

Chilly Bone Chilly Bone: Rugged Canvas bone is cool and refreshing for teething puppies of all sizes. Soak the 7" Chilly Bone with water and freeze it. An absorbent inner sponge holds the water and makes this toy non toxic fun for your pet. When dog is finished chewing, put the Chilly Bone back into its reusable bag for next time. Soothes gums and promotes healthy teeth. The Chilly Bone is intended for teething puppies and may not be suitable for older dogs.
Price: $6.95

Rope and Braid Toys

These toys are very unique and have been tested by Labs for years. Paws and Tails has been selling these toys at Lab shows and events in the Midwest and East Coast. We teamed up with Paws and Tails to offer the rest of the world these excellent and fun toys. The rope is a heavy braided nylon rope, not the cotton dental rope that is easily chewed up and broken off. The rope ends have been securely knotted/glued and tucked neatly into the balls to discourage frayed ends and unravelling. As always, please supervise your fur-kids when playing with any toy.

Buddy with Braided Fleece Toy Braided Toys: Heavy fleece strips have been cleverly (and securely) braided together to make this unique toy. Available in small (12-inches) and large (24-inches) sizes and in many assorted colors. Please allow us to choose a color for you.
Price: Small - $3.00; Large - $5.00.

Tennis Ball Braid Tennis Ball Braid: Heavy fleece strips have been cleverly (and securely) braided together with a tennis ball to make this unique toy. Very similar to the Braided Toys (described above) but with the added fun and excitement of a Tennis B-A-L-L! The single ball style has one tennis ball woven in the middle of the braid and the double ball style has two tennis balls securely woven in, one on each end. Available in single (22-inches) and double (20-inches) sizes and in many assorted colors. Please allow us to choose a color for you.
Price: Single - $5.00; Double - $7.00.

 Single Rope Tennis Ball Rope Tennis Ball: Heavyweight nylon braided rope is knotted and combined with a tennis ball (or two) to form the perfect play toy. The single ball toy is a circle of heavy nylon rope with one tennis ball. Double Rope Tennis BallThe double, a knotted rope of two loops with a tennis ball in each loop, would be an excellent throw toy and easily picked up by your furry friend. Available in single (6-inches) and double (14-inches) sizes and in many assorted colors. Please allow us to choose a color for you.
Price: Single - $5.00; Double - $7.00.


Dog-Opoly GameDOG-OPOLY is a game based on our fabulous four-legged friends. It has all the fun of the traditional "Opoly" game with some great doggie twists. Real Estate is arranged by dog breed size. Each Dog Deed is filled with fun facts about the breed. The game consists of: a board, 6 pewter game tokens, Dog Houses, Big Bones (Hotels), Good Dog and Bad Dog cards (Chance and Community Chest) Deeds, Play Money, and Dice. Pewter Tokens include: Mailman, Dog Bowl, Fire Hydrant, Flea, Cat, and Steak.
Click image to see larger picture.
Price $24.50

LABMED Order Form

Some people have asked how to send a gift to one of the dogs we have funded. We have added a "Toy for LABMED Dog" option to the checkout form. If you would like to send a toy, treats, or anything else to one of "our" dogs, please use that space to tell us which item should be sent and add the dog's name.

LABMED Adoption Page

We're always looking for suggestions about toys Lab's love, so please give us your recommendations!

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