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Labrador Tales: A Celebration of America's Favorite Dog

illustration by Terry AlbertLABMED is thrilled to announce our major fundraiser for 1998: An exclusive, professionally published collection of short stories, poems, and essays written by favorite Labrador list personalities John Arrington and Walt Zientek, and beautifully illustrated by Lab lover and pet portrait artist Terry Albert!

As anyone who has read their posts on the Lab lists can attest, John and Walt's writing styles are very different, but their stories resonate with a deep love and respect for the Labrador breed. John's wistful tales of his departed Lab, Cheddar, evoke the pain of losing his beloved companion and friend, while stories of his new pup, Chamois, are full of laughter at the antics of the new "girl" in his life. Walt's touching short stories, thought-provoking essays, and poignant poems are drawn from his own experiences and the lives of Lab lovers he has known. Terry Albert is best known in the Labrador world for her stunning Lab Dreams poster from the 1994 Labrador National. 35 of her original illustrations (including the head study above) add new dimensions of character and bring Labrador Tales to life.

Unlike our self-published LABMED Cookbook, Labrador Tales is available in bookstores, but if you buy it from us here at the LABMED Web site a greater percentage of the profits go into our rescue fund! Ready to order? Just click our LABMED Order Form link below!!

Softcover, 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches, 200 pages, 35 illustrations
Illustrations by Terry Albert; text by John Arrington and Walt Zientek
ISBN: 1-8885214-16-2
Publisher: Azul Editions
Cost: $13.95

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