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Labrador Tales: A Celebration of America's Favorite Dog

illustration by Terry Albert It's almost here!

Beautiful pre-sell book certificates are now available!!!

LABMED was pleased to present Labrador Tales: A Celebration of America's Favorite Dog in August of 1998. We are doubly excited to be able to offer MORE Lab Tales stories in a brand new book. This new production contains many of your favorites from the first book but will include 38 brand new stories from our favorite storytellers, John Arrington and Walt Zientek - who won the prestigious Maxwell Medallion Award for Labrador Tales. The award was presented in February, 2000 at the Dog Writer's Association of America Awards Banquet in New York City. And once again, this volume is beautifully illustrated by Lab lover and pet portrait artist, Terry Albert! Terry has added many new illustrations to this volume enhancing new and old stories alike.

Get ready to enjoy new stories from John about the antics of a now adolescent Chamois. And you'll love the new short stories, thought-provoking essays and poignant poems from Walt. Terry's beautiful artwork has appeared on posters, t-shirts and note cards; she has designed several t-shirts and posters for the LRC National Specialty Show! This new Lab Tales rewrite includes many new illustrations like this one of Buddy Whaley, LABMED's ambassador, as well as the new cover artwork shown above.

Now is your chance to buy this fabulous new book for that special someone in your life as a gift. Although the book itself isn't available quite yet, you can order your copy during our pre-sell period and receive a beautiful gift certificate which can be shipped to the recipient(s) of your choice! The book and pre-sell certificate can be purchased for just $19.95 (plus shipping). The book manuscript has been given to our printer and should be available in 6 to 8 weeks. We will let everyone know when the books are ready to ship.

The creators donated the manuscript for this book to LABMED to help us raise funds to pay the vet bills for rescue dogs in need of medical assistance and educate the general public about the tragic situation that currently exists in this country. Every year thousands of Labrador Retrievers are euthanized because the funds are not available to pay for their medical expenses. Many of these Labradors have injuries or illnesses that could be treated or cured easily but are euthanized instead as the resources do not exist to provide the veterinary treatment needed to restore them to good health. It is our hope that this book will reach many more people who will realize - through our educational efforts - that these animals can be saved.

LABMED stands to raise over $20,000 from the sales of these books in cold hard cash that will be funneled back into medical treatments for rescued Labs or future fundraising projects. No monetary value can be placed on this effort if more of these worthy animals are saved from certain death. However, in order to reach the Lab loving general public, we need to gain their attention. We feel this book is a wonderful 'attention getter' and we are sure you'll agree. We've added new material (like the examples above), we chose a new publicist/publisher, asked John and Walt for new stories and Terry for artwork. The result is a fantastic new publication that we feel is much more than a second edition -- it's almost a new book!

To order a copy of this book, please visit our Lab Tales Page

If you are interested in hosting a book event or would like more information, please fill out the Lab Tales Info form.


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