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Abby3, April, 2000

Abby3 Abby's story has a beginning that is sadly familiar to rescue volunteers. At ten months of age, she had grown out of the cuddly puppy stage, and her adolescent energy was too much for her busy family to handle. The person who had produced Abby and her littermates was unwilling to accept any responsibility for Abby, so her family turned to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue in Phoenix, AZ for help in finding Abby a new home.

Abby's family had her spayed, and Desert LRR placed her in a foster home for evaluation. Although Abby was great with children, cats, and other dogs, she did have a serious physical problem. Abby had been limping since she was about four months old and the area around her hock was severely swollen. Xrays revealed osteochondrosis (OCD) of the hock, an extremely painful condition requiring a surgical procedure to remove bone fragments from Abby's joint. At this point, Desert LRR asked LABMED for help.

LABMED quickly agreed to fund the necessary surgery for Abby so that this sweet girl could be relieved of her pain. Abby's surgery was very successful and she never seemed to mind the soft cast on her leg: the problem was to restrict her activity level so that her leg could heal!

Abby was soon adopted by a wonderful family who loved her bright-eyed energy and enthusiasm for life. And so, in spite of a sad beginning, Abby's story had the kind of happy ending that keeps rescue volunteers going on the darkest days! LABMED is proud to have enabled this happy ending to take place.

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