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Abby5, July, 2000

Abby5 As told by Abby's rescuer:

Abby somehow got out of her confinement and found her way into the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. She had apparently been used as a brood dog for a very long time. She appeared to be about 5 years old, and other than open sores on both front legs from boredom licking, appeared healthy. CCLRR was contacted about her and we took her in to our rescue and placed her in a foster home.

She was very happy to be there, and just loved to play in the water, though she would cough every time. She had her first vet check and heartworm test, and was already being asked about by adopters. Then the news came that she was heartworm positive! This sweet little girl who was finally learning how to enjoy life was going to die! Her foster was new to rescue and didn't know about LABMED, she contacted a volunteer with Sacramento County Animal shelter in tears- "what can we do to save this baby?" The volunteer told her about LABMED and the application was made. Yes, they would fund the treatment to save her life! Now all we had to do was keep her confined during the 3 months of treatment, that's when Debra, an Australian sheep dog rescue rep. stepped in. She was familiar with heartworm treatment, she volunteered to foster Abby until her treatment was complete.

Abby5Little did she know at that time that she would completely lose her heart to the little yellow girl who learned to love life after 5 years of misery. Abby came through her treatment with flying colors, though she hated being confined- she wanted to play! She had her last blood test 2 weeks ago, she is completely heartworm free! The first thing Debra did was take her to the lake to swim and play, she didn't understand what the water was at first and it wasn't until Debra sent one of her Aussie's into the water that Abby figured it out. Debra says it took 2 hours to get her out!

I saw Abby last week, I think she remembered me, her first foster. She wiggled and wiggled letting me know she is now a happy girl, then she ran over and kissed her mom. Debra is that mom, she says, " No way is she going anywhere, she's home!" Abby looks wonderful, healthy, happy, and loved!

Update: December, 2000

She just completed filming her first television commercial!! She will be seen in the Central California region as the yellow lab in the commercial for " Tri-Cities Bank". Her mom used to do TV commercials in Florida, and was contacted by a producer out here about doing this again. She said, "Sure, I've got a great dog for it" So our little rescued Abby, who we knew was a "star", really is!!

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