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Ally2, March 2003


Ally, a one-year-old black Lab, gave birth to 13 puppies at an animal shelter in January, 2003. Due to shelter regulations, she was not able to be pulled from the shelter until her 7-day hold time had passed. Animal Rescue Fund of Little Rock, AK, took her out of the shelter the first day she was able to leave.


On January 23 she was rushed to a local vet, but by that time 10 pups had died. Ally was VERY sick, running a 104 degree fever and hours away from death. The rescuer's vet rushed her into surgery, during which they found her uterus rampant with infected fluid and nearly ready to rupture. The infection she had is called Pyometria, and it nearly killed her. It caused her milk to be like poison, which is why 10 of her pups had died. Her rescuers immediately began to bottle-feed the 3 remaining pups, but slowly over the next few days they all died.

Ally2 and her puppies


"We were heartbroken that none of her puppies survived," lament her rescuers, "but we are thankful that Ally will go on to lead a long, healthy life. We can't thank LABMED enough for their help with her vet bill for the surgery. Ally is destined to be a truly amazing pet, and now she has that chance."


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