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Amber2, January 2003

Amber2  is the January Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog.


Amber's story as told by her rescuer:

I first heard about Amber from a colleague who works with Amber's former owner. Amber's family were first time dog owners who had purchased a Lab pup. They were heartbroken to find out that she had severe bilateral hip dysplasia. Being a young family with twin 9-year old boys, they were unable to finance the needed surgery.

Via phone calls and email, it was arranged for the X-rays that had been taken to be sent to a local veterinarian, who has a special interest in orthopedic problems. I also contacted Long Island Labrador Retriever Rescue for advice and this was where I first heard of LABMED.

Bonnie, from A Place For Us, decided to take Amber in and the former owners brought her up to MA. Amber's family paid for new X-rays, even as they were surrendering their loved pup. It was a tearful good-bye with the twin boys. A sweeter personality in a dog does not exist.

Just as I was about to contact LABMED, the applications page was closed due to lack of funds. When the applications were re-opened eight days later, Bonnie immediately filled out an application for Amber and plans were made for surgery.

Amber's first surgery went well and the vet was very optimistic about her prognosis. Before, during, and after the surgery there was much interest in adopting Amber. Bonnie and I felt that we should not settle for anyone other than the best.

Then came an email from Syracuse. When I read it I knew that I would like to be a dog living with this woman. She sent references and drove 4 hours to meet Amber. She brought her dog, Jaz, a 15-mo. old Lab cross, who got along famously with Amber.

I cried upon leaving Amber, but I know that she is in the right place and happy in her new, forever home.

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