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Andre, May 2002

AndreAndre is a two year old (approximately) male chocolate Labrador retriever who was found stray in Texas and turned into a shelter in Kingwood, Texas. Although he had obviously been on his own for a time, as he was very skinny, he retained the sunny nature for which Labradors are famed.

Andre did have one big strike against him -- he was heartworm positive. Because heartworms are so prevalent in Texas (which leads the nation in numbers of heartworm cases statewide), it is usually a death sentence for dogs in the shelter, but Andre's winning ways found him a rescuer.

His rescuer contacted LABMED for help in getting the young dog treated so that he could be put up for adoption and find his forever home. LABMED was happy to help. At last report, Andre had completed his Immiticide treatment and was suffering through his confinement period (always the hardest part of heartworm treatment for a young Labrador) with stoicism. With good medical care and lots of love, this young dog will have a chance to find his forever home.

Update, August 2002

Twyla's Friends "Andre" becomes a "G-Dog"

AndreChocolate Lab, Andre is off to school to become a drug dog. U.S. Customs agents, Scott Dunn and Jerry Rainwater first evaluated then adopted Andre to enter their drug program. "It's a great life for the dog and they perform a terrific service for our country," says Andre's foster mom. "Andre needed a job and now he has one." Andre has come a long way from being a stray on the streets of Houston to where he is today. "If he is half as good as Bob, he'll be terrific," says Agent Dunn. Bob was a yellow Lab adopted from Twyla's Friends about 6 years ago who now has millions of dollars in drug busts to his credit. Andre will undergo several months of training (that he will think is play time) and then go to work. There is a pretty good chance Andre will work along the U.S./Mexico border. The job requires a certain type of dog. Agents Dunn and Rainwater might take 1 of 100 dogs they evaluate. They are looking for the larger-sized dogs, with a strong retrieve drive but who won't give the ball back! Twyla's Friends volunteers know how to pre-screen dogs for the agency. Call us if you have a big "knucklehead" that wants to stand on the dining room table get a better look out the window, or when you go for a ride in the car, he jumps on top of the hood. The agency will be looking for another 100 dogs over the next year. Age should be between 1 and 3, healthy, low maintenance coat, and the goofier the better. Twyla's Friends 281 319-1488

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