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Angie, October 2004

Angie was rescued from a Pennsylvania puppy mill by an animal control officer just moments before she was going to be shot. Angie was born with oculoskeletal dysplasia, a birth defect resulting in total blindness and skeletal deformities. In her case, her front elbow joints are deformed and bow out. The officer was able to gain possession of Angie and place her with Lab Rescue.

A LABMED Board member took her in as a foster, had her checked by the family vet, an orthopedist, and an ophthalmologist. LABMED helped pay for the diagnostic tests to determine the extent of Angie's condition. The orthopedist believed Angie would not need surgery to lengthen her legs. Though her elbow joints protrude a bit, giving her bulldog-like appearance, she is not in pain and can run, climb stairs, and play just like any other dog. And because she has been blind from birth, she regards it as normal and it doesn't bother her in the least! She wears Doggles when she goes for walks to protect her eyes and everyone comments on how cool she looks.

Best of all, her foster family has become her forever family!


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