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Bailey8, December 2002


As told by his rescuer:

It was a cold, rainy day in early December when I picked my neighbor up to take her to work. She pointed to the small black figure shivering in the cold grass and asked if I knew whose dog that was. He'd been hit by a truck was suffering and unable to walk. The impact had fractured his hip and broken his knee at the growth plate.

Within minutes I called a local vet who sent workers to met me at the scene and took "Bailey8" back to their office. Through it all, one-year old Bailey8 kept his sweet and loving temperament. This wasn't the first time his owners had let him run loose near two busy roads--unfortunately, this time he'd been seriously injured. The vet kept him comfortable until his neglectful owners finally decided to release ownership.

In the meantime, I sent out an e-mail to LABMED, Georgia Lab Rescue, and anyone else who might be able to help. Bailey8 would need to see an orthopedic surgeon and have a very costly surgery to repair his badly broken leg. I had never been involved in the rescue of a wounded animal where fast intervention was needed. LABMED responded to my e-mail the very next day! It was such a relief to hear the voice of someone who really cared and who patiently listened to how traumatic this experience had been. When she said LABMED was going to try and help this little guy with his surgical costs, I thought I was going to cry. Maybe this would have a happy ending after all!

Bailey8 had his surgery, thanks to the generosity of LABMED, Georgia Lab Rescue, Labrador Lifeline, and independent donations from caring friends. Bailey8 is presently in foster care, healing from his surgery and waiting for the day when some loving, adoptive parents will finally take him to his home-sweet-home.

I will remain forever grateful!

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