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Bailey9, February 2003

Bailey's story as told by her rescuer:


Having lost a wonderful 13 year-old rescued black Lab
named Cuddles to lung cancer a year prior, I was was finally ready to start my new 'fur' family. Bailey, a 3-4 month old female black Lab mix, was adopted from her second shelter home. Two days later, a 'sister', Bella, a 2-3 month old Pointer/Jack Russell Terrier mix was brought home.

Within a day of Bella's arrival, Bailey developed diarrhea, which was thought to be from the stress of her new sister since she had been caged alone for many months. Forgetting 'what a trooper' Labs typically are, I thought it must not be too serious, since she played around the clock with Bella for two days. But once severe vomiting developed, she was rushed to the Emergency Vet Hospital and was diagnosed with parvovirus infection, in spite of two parvo vaccinations to date.

With no real idea of the expense and touch and go moments ahead, Bailey was admitted and treated with IV fluids, antibiotics, protein supplements and two plasma transfusions over the course of the next five days.

To add to the family crisis, two days after Bailey was hospitalized, Bella  became ill, suffering from a case of kennel cough which had quickly developed into pneumonia. Bella also needed treatment with IV fluids and antibiotics to fight off her ailments.

Through it all, I felt a certain calm that Cuddles was up at the Rainbow Bridge, as their guardian angel, doing everything she could to pull them through. A friend summoned co-workers for
donations where several dog lovers raised some money to help. Another dog lover miraculously was told of LABMED and she too felt Cuddles must have pointed her to this wonderful, altruistic organization. While I was feeling overwhelmed, a dear friend helped with the application process in hopes of securing funds to assist as the bills for both dogs' care continued to mount.

As Bailey's mom I am so appreciative of LABMED's financial
assistance with her treatment. It seemed so cruel for two sweet, loving, innocent puppies to each be struck with life threatening illnesses right after being 'saved'. Treating them, no matter the cost, just seemed the right thing to do no matter how unaffordable it was at the time, since the point of getting them from a shelter was to rescue them! So as a single 'mom' (of 2 puppies), it was such a comfort to have LABMED come through. What a truly unselfish organization and someday I hope to be able to
contribute to LABMED to help them save many more Labs
to come.

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