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Baron2, January 2003


Dogs are remarkable animals, as I�m sure you will agree, but can they save a marriage? Probably not. In the case of Baron, he didn�t. LABMED did step in to save him though. This male yellow lab of 65 pounds was purchased by a husband in hopes of saving his marriage. Baron had always been an outdoor dog and it is unknown if he just got loose or how he wandered away. Attempts to contact the owner were futile.

The rescuer took this friendly hospitable dog to the veterinarian clinic where he was diagnosed with a fractured hip in an area that doesn�t usually become fractured. The good news was that it was very repairable. The vet recommended surgery to pin the hip as the best treatment. Splinting was not an option due to the location of the fracture.

Due to bruises and other minor injuries to Baron�s thorax the vet concluded that the probable cause of injury was that he had been hit by a car. Although Baron was resting comfortably at the rescuer�s home, action was needed immediately.

Knowing that the rescuer was unable to provide the funds for the surgery, this NY state vet gave her an article about LABMED in hopes that she could get some assistance for Baron. Thus she requested help from LABMED.

It is strange how things work out: when LABMED received the request for help, one of the volunteers contacted the vet and mistakenly quoted the price of the surgery as $600 less than the rescuer had originally quoted. After a pause, the vet said he could probably do it for that amount, and he would surely try to keep his costs down because of this being a rescue case.

LABMED quickly responded and voted to help fund the surgery. Just one more example of people working together for the good of one lost and helpless animal

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